OCTOBER 2004 - Kill Your Boyfriend has become a power trio
The bass player Robo, because of his many many engagements, has left the band. So now KYB are a power trio : this new lineup played October 2 a nice gig in Carmagnola (a city pretty close to Torino).

OCTOBER 2004 - New live pictures
Few photoes taken during KYB's last gig in Carmagnola have been added in the pictures section.

OCTOBER 2004 - Kill Your Boyfriend in studio again
In the next days KYB will record some new stuff. They are going to record two new tracks, "Cane da guardia" and a 100% new version of "Kill Your Boyfriend". Further news coming soon...

October 2003 - "Tutto quello che ho" MCD finally available !

After a long and not easy at all period, KYB's MCD is available, at last ! This cd contains five songs, a melting pot of hardcore, metal, grind and even emo-core. Have a look to the releases section to learn more. The whole release can be downloaded in the mp3s section of this website.

September 5th 2003 - Emeth + Icarian + Kill Your Boyfriend in Antwerpen (Be)

It might sound like a gig, instead we're talking about a pleasant afternoon that Teo -during his holidays in Belgium and Holland- spent with Matty from Emeth and Tim from Icarian in a bar in Antwerpen. While waiting that this meeting will turn into a real concert, all the guys in KYB send their greetings to Matty and Tim !

September 2003 - Lineup changes

Due to his son, Macello doesn't belong to the band anymore. He has been substituted by Fabio (ex Fly's Battle). Further news coming soon...

May 2003 - "Follow your leader" compilation available
It's available "Follow your leader", double CD compilation from English d.i.y. label Ripping Thrash. Besides Kill Your Boyfriend (with the song "Die in red lights"), this compilation features many bands from all over ther world, such as Acao Directa, Beyond Description, Kismet HC, W.O.R.M., Brezhnev, Gnus, Fight Back, Eye for an Eye, Boxed In, Arturo, Sick Terror and many more. The compilation is available for download, too, at the Ripping Thrash website.

January 2003 - Welcome, Emil !

Finally he has come ! Marcello's son (he's damn cute, despite his ugly father) has started to be part of this world January 11th. It seems that Marcello has been totally driven crazy by this baby : even if few pictures of Marcello' s unbelievable "sweet" attitute are available, he has strongly forbidden to make them public ! Anyways -if you have a look to Emil's pictures- it's easy to understand the reasons of Marcello' transformation. So we want to send our warmest welcome to Emil and a greeting to Marcello and Manuela !