"Tutto quello che ho" ("Everything I have")

(MCD, 2002/3, produced by Mastello Recortz and Kill Your Boyfriend)

Recorded at : Spazio 211 (drums) and SinLab (guitars, bass, vocals and mix-down)

This release is the return in studio of KYB after a couple of years : the cd contains five tracks that mix hardcore, metal, grindcore and emo. Originally, the aim of this release was finding a huge number of d.i.y. co-producer to record a full length CD. As soon as Marcello was substituted by Fabio and -obviously- band's style changed, this recordings became a closed chapter of KYB's history. So "Tutto quello che ho" has been released as mini-cd. The whole release could be downloaded for free (no copyright and so on...) in the mp3 section.

Tracklist : Punti di equilibrio - Tutto quello che ho - Cane da guardia - Io non ci sto - Vite perfette

Split tape with Emeth (View flyer)

(Tape, 2000, co-produced by bands themselves, Mastello Recortz and Depravazione Sonora Recs.)

Recorded at : Spazio 211

This is KYB's first studio release, 25 minutes of rough and brutal metalcore. Emeth, a band from Belgium featuring ex-Agathocles members, play a powerful and precise metalcore.

Emeth tracklist : Intro - Breathing the unclean - A.G.L.A. - Domination - The call of the siren - Day of reckoning - Disciple - The soil bleeds black - Nephalim

KYB tracklist : Die in red light - Gears - D.N.Astio - B.C. Noize - Non siamo cambiati (Nabat/Carrelli in Fiamme) - I found an highway - Cathedral implosion - Zero petaled flower - Dead pets inside the Amana - Bane (Cripple Bastards) - Tarrorizer (Astio Sconsacrato)


Crash Mandolino
Die in red lights
Screams of the night

Gears - D.N. Astio

Ottawa against the world
Dead pets inside the Amana - Tutto quello che ho (live)
Follow your leader
Die in red lights