In this section you'll find many KYB's songs in mp3 format. There is NO copyright on these songs, so download them, spread them and -if you like them- play them ! Enjoy !

"TUTTO QUELLO CHE HO" ("Everything I have") - (2002/3)

In this section you can download the whole "Tutto quello che ho" mcd, the latest KYB's studio recordings.

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MOVIE : Gig @ Alcova occupata, 03 / 22 / 02

"Punti di equilibrio" performed on stage. DivX codec 5.0.2 or later required.


The following songs are taken from the split tape with Emeth. Even if they are old and totally different from present KYB's style, we decide to keep these songs on our website because they are a piece of KYB's history...

If you're interested, split tape with Emeth is still available. To get your own copy, please get in touch with the band or with Mastello Recortz .


The following songs are taken from KYB's live recordings. Please note that audio quality is quite low.

New live songs will be probably added in the future.