2013, August

Even if it's holiday time, TFBP never stop : new YouTUBE channel and links section are now available ! And, for anyone who didn't realize that, all TFBP's albums are available for download in the discography section of this website. Further news about TFBP's new album are coming pretty soon so -as usual- stay tuned.

2013, May

At last, new TFBP website is online. It's not that great but we are (or we are just trying to be some kind of) musicians, not web designers. The good news is that TFBP are still alive and they have been alive all the time the website was dead. As usual, check out our MySpace page to learn latest news from the band by Mr. Ricky Martyr.

Last but not least, we are recording a new album. Twelve tracks of pure TFBP rock. Stay tuned to learn more.