Please note that lyrics are originally written and sung in Italian, so what you are going to read is a translation.


My smile crashes againt windmills / Slow / As I was on equilibrium points / I'm waiting in a limb where no Charon exists / Inside the walls of my mind / I keep afloat / Hanging on a knife edge / Ripped in half / Hate / Love / I'm looking for equilibrium points / to cling to them / before falling down.


I’m running towards empty spaces / I’m destroyed / By everything I ever hated / Meaningless systems / Fake peaces / Uncertain directions / Sick minds / Alone in the streets / Nothing has beed gained / Fists raised at a blood colored sky / I’s everything I have / Nothing in my hands / It’s everything I have / Asphalt all aroud here.

GUARD DOG (CANE DA GUARDIA) - "Tutto quello che ho"

I'm seeing flashing lights while smoke is suffocating my lungs / Crowd escaping everywhere in an agoraphobic moment / The guard dog is advancing and shaking its club / Torino, a weak city / Looking at the evolution of a mechanism that cannot be stopped / Hate all around us / People leaning out of the balconies / Riot in the streets / A stone cast at transparent shields / A whiz in the air / A punch on your teeth / We are on a desperate embrace / We are alone in daily hate.

I DISAGREE (IO NON CI STO) - "Tutto quello che ho"

Bloodstains on the walls / In your Babylons built by robots / Lobotomized brains / Endless applauses in velvet theaters / I disagree ! / I disagree / Your bar-codes, I disgree / No, I disagree / Your shiny shop windows, I disagree / Day by day / Your vain proud / Your career / Your artificial heavens / I disagree !

PERFECT LIVES (VITE PERFETTE) - "Tutto quello che ho"

I’m awake / Looking at the wall / Images of lives / Drawn in TV screens / Welfare conditions / Disgusting smiles / Nice scents / Right words / The perfect and orderly man / Luxury cars, good breed dogs / Perfect lives in steel boxes / Perfect lives in steel boxes / Good breed dogs, lopped flower beds / Perfect lives in steel boxes / Luxury cars, lopped flower beds / Image of a dream that isn’t mine / I hear too oiled gears / Perfect lives in steel boxes / Good breed dogs, lopped flower beds.


The blow of a life spent in obedience / Everything you still try to understand / But it’s vain to be fake while the time goes on / You’re still looking for excuses, I see… / I’m laughing in my own hate / The world is screaming and you don’t hear it / riot is what my land needs / Blue oceans will get blood colored / And you will be buried by a laugh….